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Drill Team is a super complex sport. There are many elements that require a lot of time and helping hands. If you are willing to help with one of the volunteer options below, please let me know, and I will contact you when opportunities arise.


There are always opportunities to donate food. Whether it be meals at team parties or snacks and drinks at competitions or performances. The team is always grateful to any parent who is willing to help out.


Competition season gets CRAZY! The girls work extremely hard and it can sometimes be taxing on their emotions and bodies. Something that is always super uplifting is goody bags or small gifts provided by willing parents to surprise them and lift their spirits.


The girls have some incredible events in store for them this year! Events like summer camp, performing at Real Salt Lake, and competitions. As the sole coach, I am unable to transport every girl myself, so parent volunteers are needed to help transport girls to and from these events. This volunteer option does require a filled-out form that is turned in to the school.


Drill requires a lot of fun costumes and props, and unfortunately, they can rip, break, or get dirty. If you are skilled in sewing, crafts, hot gluing, or other things of that nature, WE NEED YOU!


With girls as cool as yours', I know there are parents with awesome skills and talents. If you have a skill or a talent that you feel would benefit the girls or the team in any way, please let me know, and I would love to find a way for you to help out!


Fill out the form with your contact information and which categories you are willing to volunteer with. I will reach out to you when volunteer opportunities in your chosen category arise.

Thanks for submitting!

Image by Alexander Andrews
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