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Aerielle's Get a New Coach!

I am excited to have been given the incredible opportunity to be this year's new Aerielle's Drill Team Coach. I am an ALA Alumni, and I was a dedicated member of the Aerielle's all four years of my high

school experience.

I was beyond thrilled when I was offered the opportunity to apply for the coach's position, and even more thrilled that I was trusted with the job. I have a deep love for working with youth, and I have always felt like caring for and helping guide youth is something that I am meant to do. I am young and have a lot of youthful energy which gives me an advantage in connecting with and engaging with the younger generation. I like to be actively involved in activities, meaning I won't be coaching from the bleachers. I plan to be dancing with the girls at practice, cheering alongside the girls at home games, and earning their trust through guided participation.

Dance has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up playing sports, and while I enjoyed that, the second I discovered dance, my whole world changed. I sought out every available outlet for this newfound passion.

I joined the ALA Dance Company, the ALA Hip Hop Company, the ALA Ballroom Company, and I auditioned for competition teams such as The Surge Dance Team and The Vibe's Competitive Dance Team. All of these dance groups and companies were so much fun and took up a lot of my time, but they never beat the love and passion that I had for Drill Team.

There is just something about the bond that develops on a Drill Team that I have never experienced on another team or in another group. Something about the discipline of waking up super early in the morning to grow as a team and as individuals made us a family.

Along with the closeness of the Drill Team, I LOVE the spirit of the sport. I loved getting excited about our school's games and teams and supporting them on the sidelines. It made my high school experience more enjoyable because I was more involved. I love that about Drill.

Family over everything. I was raised in a "family first" home, and I carry that mentality into the home I have built with my husband.

Sabastien and I met here at ALA, and while we didn't date in high school, we somehow found our way together two years later and were married in the Provo Tabernacle Temple.

Since then, we have been blessed with three beautiful babies. Our oldest is Rockwell, and he is our energizer bunny. He has more energy in one finger than I have in my whole body. He loves superheroes, dirt biking, and his little sister and brother. Johnny Lynn is our only girl, and she is our emotion headquarters. She feels every emotion to the fullest whether it's sadness or joy. She has the silliest sense of humor and loves music and butterflies. Our tiny guy is Samson. He is just learning how to navigate the world, but he already knows what he loves and that is his brother, Rockwell. He sits and watches Rockwell jump and run for hours and hours. He is the smiliest baby and offers that smile to literally anyone at any time.

We also have a little french bulldog, Rooster, who is an absolute pain but the best playtime or cuddle partner. He will run and play with the kids outside for hours or lay in bed and cuddle all night. He is the sweetest little buddy.

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